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King Hussein Business Park

Starting from 350 JD / Month
  • Outstanding location in Amman.
  • Quick access to all city amenities and transportation.
  • Financial incentives offered by the development zone law.
  • Perfect for training provider companies.
  • Capable of expanding office spaces.
  • Perfect opportunities for networking and business deals.


Starting from 250 JD / Month
  • Class A office spaces suitable for local, regional, and international companies.
  • The location is adjacent to most embassies in Amman, Jordan’s largest medical area, mallls, and entertainment districts of Sweifieh and Abdoun.
  • Impressive location in Abdoun with the most upscale neighborhood in Amman known for its quite surroundings.


Starting from 200 JD / Month
  • Fully furnished and serviced office spaces, ideal for companies related to child care services.
  • A shared working space for you and your clients and guests.
  • Indoor and outdoor dedicated children’s area.
  • Contracts that enable you to obtain a professions license.
  • Parking areas.
  • Relaxing break areas to enjoy food and beverages.


Starting from 200 JD / Month
  • Dynamic location in Amman.
  • Quick access to ground-level office spaces.
  • Perfect for retail business providers’ companies.
  • Grand opportunities for company exposure.
  • A forefront new type of work environment.

Queen Rania Alabdullha St.

Starting from 150 JD / Month
  • Dynamic location at the heart of Amman.
  • Easy to reach location.
  • Flexible and affordable office spaces.
  • Perfect for training providers’ companies.
  • Perfect opportunities for networking and business deals.
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